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Sad Lisa

She hangs her head and cries on my shirt.
She must be hurt very badly.
Tell me what's making you sadly, Li?
Open your door, don't hide in the dark.
You're lost in the dark, you can trust me.
'Cause you know that's how it must be.

What's Making You Sadly

The haunting melody of this song tells the pain of a broken young woman who carries the burden and shame of some traumatic event in her life. Her friend in the lyrics can't reach her through the pain and wall of silence. Maybe she is a witness of some unspeakable crime, or victim herself who can't speak or imagine that her life will be brighter, and her future has no hope in it. We live in a world of young men and women who have been sexually assaulted, harassed, and shamed into silence. The rapist is a thief who robs a Lisa of her spirit, and everything innocent she was born with. Therefore many rape victims walk in the shadows of fear and brokenness, while their silence gives power to criminal rapists to remain free.
I would imagine what makes Lisas or Larrys (if you will) so sad is when the betrayal comes from a trusted friend or family member. In a recent article in the Boulder Gazette, a young female Air Force cadet called her assailant, her "wing man." Meaning he was a trusted friend. Perhaps he was an ally, maybe a confidant. She felt comfortable enough to go out with him. He proclaimed himself as her protector during a night of party crashing.
"The female cadet burst into tears after learning she had been raped, the affidavit said. Nurses also noted that the woman referred to Ryerson as her "wing man." -Boulder arrest affidavit details alleged sex assault by Air Force Academy cadet The Gazette January 21, 2015
It's sad and frustrating to see that justice for the individual is not important to those who beat a patriotic drum. Or when a crime like rape is committed, law enforcement feels that the victim is not worthy of all the resources available to them. Rape is not a game for the victim, he or she doesn't report to gain popularity or to make a statement. Normally someone who has been violated doesn't want to come forward and report. They'd rather hide and suffer in silence. Victims are trapped between a damned if you report, and damned if you don't society.   Many times they confide in a friend or loved one who tells them to forget it and let time heal, or an advocate who tells them they owe it to themselves and other victims to speak out.

You're Lost In The Dark

Fortunately this case fell into the hands of a progressive Boulder Colorado justice system which quickly claimed jurisdiction over the case. I dare say if this rape had been reported to the chain of command this victim would have been subjected to victim blaming retaliation, ridicule, and even the disposing of evidence, making it a "he said, she said" issue. Will the system believe them or won't they? Too many victims have watched someone come forward to report a rape, only to be revictimized; who would walk into that den of hungry lions expecting anything different from the system?
I'm amazed that a country like America, seems to be turning more inward on this subject. We seem to be side-stepping the issue, or becoming more apologetic. We'd rather deny there is a problem in our military and college campuses. But denial doesn't make the issue go away anymore than it did during Tailhook.

Rep. Rick Brattin tries to revive
Legitimate Rape issue
Rape cripples the individual in ways that perps, shamers, and deniers can't understand. Rick Brattin is on a crusade to revive the "Legitimate Rape" issue which cost Todd Akin his Senate seat. Brattin seems to be defending his efforts for the sake of would-be fathers, which would include perps who have committed this heinous crime. If this bill becomes law, a woman might have to get written consent from the man if she wants an abortion. “It took two to come together and create a child, and right now the way it is, the woman gets the full say and the father gets no say, and I think that that needs to change,” Brattin said. “With the women’s movement for equal rights, well it’s swung so far we have now taken away the man’s right and the say in their child’s life.” He added, “It’s a child’s life that’s taken. The woman’s life is not altered.” Think Progress Lawmaker Defends ‘Legitimate Rape’ Bill
In the context of his remarks, someone who says "the woman's life is not altered," need a course in gender dynamics or a body switch! The statement is ignorant and unnerving.  Plus this lawmaker proposes to put the fate of a woman in the life of a person who may have been her attacker, just to win a pro-life argument? Some Lawmakers are using the gender rights issue to work off their own pet peeves and ride their own hobby horse, while not considering the cost to the individual or even society. And so through the eyes of the victim, he or she sees political leaders and lawmakers and those in authority as part of the problem.

She Must Be Hurt Very Badly
It is the historical issue of humanity that has become an epidemic. If you're too cowardly to face it
or choose to with warped humor or logic, it will still affect you or someone that you know.

Photo by Mary F Calvert shows the
the aftermath of some survivors of
sexual assault
As I read the article from a journalist on the issue Surviving Rape in the Military, I see a few more people are just realizing the affects that rape has on the human spirit. The apologist and haters accuse feminist of having an agenda against men. But this is not a gender issue. Individuals tell their stories from where they are coming from.

But Ms. Calvert, a photojournalist who documents gender-based human rights issues often in the developing world, could not let the story go. “Even though I’ve taught a workshop for military photographers for 17 years,” she said, “I had no idea that this was happening in my backyard. The numbers blew me away.”  Surviving Rape in the Military By Evelyn Nieves Dec. 17, 2014

She Walks Alone From Wall To Wall
A picture is worth a thousand words they say. So if you go into the life of a survivor, the smell and taste of life is different. Deep down inside many critics and shamers of this issue know it as well. But they quickly hide behind politics, or online troll rhetoric, or even political media clap trap. It's safer
 than to speak out and say rape is wrong. A few of these faces I know. They are courageous and productive people. They're contributors in battling rape and sexual assault. But many do it with the chains and weights of MST around them. Nothing is simple for them. They feel the rape was their fault. And of course there are those in our society who tell them if they were raped, they (the victim) are using the incident to gain attention. Many call this rape culture, a real culture victim status.

Kirsten Gillibrand speaks on a panel along with others on this issue of what happens when society and or the institution fails the victim of rape.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand with Tricia Bent-Goodley
"No one would say that rape is a coveted status. It's a horrific experience that can be devastating, that is life altering, and that we must do something about. ---And what we form, time and time again from survivors all across the country--- these are horrible, horrible things that happen to them. Often you hear, 'I could have survived the rape' but what I couldn't survive, was the college that I love--- the institution I was devoted to, turned their back on me. ---Not only told me I was lying, but blamed me and retaliated against me. That is the heartbreak that survivors don't overcome."

Oddly after the Penn State Scandal in 2012, we haven't learned our lesson about institutional cover-ups. When anything from child molestation to sexual assault is revealed, many react with denial. Whether its the NFL, Universities, the Church, or the Military, instinctively we want to embrace the glory, and symbolism, and never question its leadership. What is worse, we hope time will make the problem go away if we stop talking about it. In the military:

The latest annual study on military sexual assault from the Department of Defense (DOD) shows that reports of such assault rose 8 percent since 2013.  Perhaps even more striking, however, is that the incidence of retribution against those who report sex crimes is a stunning 62 percent. That means service members who came forward with allegations experienced social, professional or administrative retaliation. MS Magazine Blog December 4, 2014
The top military brass no doubt see this as a positive report. Their spin has been that victims are now coming forward and reporting, because they have more confidence in the system. But the institution continues to call for us to honor the uniform while violating a soldier basic right without retaliation.

Kirsten Gillibrand in an another attempt to bring the Military Justice Improvement Act before congress for another vote stated:
"The DOD for twenty years has failed on this issue now. And the scandal's of the last 12 months, and the latest data shows that they still don't get it." Quoting USA Today 'Over the decades, sexual scandals have spurred cycles of Pentagon apologies, Congressional hand-wringing, half-baked attempts at action and nibble-around-the-edges changes. Isn't it time that women and men who serve their country so nobly have a justice system that will serve them when they are victims of a crime?' 

It amazes me that on a black and white subject like sexual assault, we get shades of grey remarks from people like Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and James Inhofe (R-OK) who use selective reasoning and accuse Senator Gillibrand of attempting to fire Military commanders with her bill.
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
“This is no longer about reforming a system, this is a political cause going out of control,” Graham said on the Senate floor. Graham also erroneously claimed that Gillibrand’s bill would “fire every commander and replace the commander with a bunch of military lawyers.”
Emily Crockett, Federal Policy Reporter, RH Reality Check December 11, 2014 
D-NY Kirsten Gillibrand
Gillibrand in a fiery rebuttal stated; "We're not making commanders less responsible, They are the only ones who can keep retaliation from happening--- and they are failing in that right now. The only difference that this bill makes is that 3 per cent of commanders--- the highest ranking Generals and commanders will no longer make this decision, but trained military prosecutors. 97 percent of commanders jobs do not change. They have to train their forces, they have to bring them into battle, they have to instill good order and discipline, and they have to make sure these victims aren't being retaliated against. That is where they are failing! We are making commanders more responsible, not less responsible. And what I want is not the most victim friendly place in the world, I want no victims!  And that's where we are failing!" Senator Gillibrand Speaks In Support of the Military Justice Improvement Act December 12, 2014

In my view. the jaws of sexual assault have claimed more victims. As prominent politicians, lawyers, and campus leaders stall and hand-wring this year. Committees have no answers, or default to doing nothing except asking for more time to study the issue. The year is gone and the needle has hardly moved enough to make a difference for men and women who wait for a change.    

The Boulder Gazette- Boulder arrest affidavit details...
Think Progress- Lawmaker Defends ‘Legitimate Rape’ Bill
New York Times- Surviving Rape in the Military
Ms. Magazine Blog: Military Rape Report Card
USA Today: Military Sexual Assault: Call For A Change
RH Reality Check: Vote Blocked on Gillibrand's Military Sexual Assault Bill
Youtube- Senator Gillibrand Speaks In Support of The MJIA

Thanks to Veracrusin and Rosie Palfy on Twitter as contributors and my friends
And to: Catherine (DeJa)and Jan (Jipso) for the friendly nudge.

Let's make 2015 a victorious for all victims.

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When I was younger,

So much younger than today,
I never needed anybody's help in any way,
But Now these days are gone
I'm not so self assured
Now I've find I've changed my mind
I've opened up the doors

This song plays in my head more these days, perhaps because of the crazy all out war against human decency in America and around the globe. Men, women and children are being assaulted on a seemingly daily basis. And we still wait for justice. Their cries are being drowned out by the backlash of deniers, and shamers. I'm amazed that no matter how much light you bring to a dilemma, some will accuse you of trying to blind them with a false narrative.

L-R CW Sexual Assault victim carries mattress in protest until attacker is expelled 
Sexual assault victim speaks out about her attack which has been ignored by 
Pentagon. Infamous video of CHP officer punching homeless woman. Family
of slain teen grieving of unarmed slaying. Oklahoma officer in custody after 
sexual assault of at least 8 female motorist. Women of Egypt speak out for justice
in a culture that shames and blames them for their own rape.

Some of these issues may have touched you where you are, either through media, social network, or a few of you are actually living in one of these nightmares. I am amazed at some of the reaction by institutions to go into damage-control mode. They either withhold information from the public or give a muddied picture of the facts.

Help Me If You Can

Although the media's attention is focused on other issues for now, The Invisible War continues withing the ranks. On August 29, a dozen people demonstrated outside the gates of Joint Base Lewis
Christine Jones Rape Survivor and Advocate
McChord, Friday afternoon, calling for civilian instead of military trials for those accused of sexual assault in the ranks, as well as allowing victims to report sex crimes to civilian authorities instead of their supervising officers. I've often thought to myself, if you want to find the real solution to problems like this, speak to the victims, not to the institution or bystanders. They know the horrific circumstance and can tell you what is wrong with our broken system, and possibility what is needed to fix the problem.
Christine Jones, an Army Veteran who served in the military for seven years was sexually assaulted twice, and in both cases her attacker was never charged. She was interview by Kings 5 News in Lakewood Washington dressed in fatigues and a painted purple heart on her uniform symbolizing the wounds that were inflicted on her while serving her country. Jones said to the News team,  "They're wounds from my own soldiers. From soldiers I served with," and "I felt like I was going insane," she said. "It ruined my life for five years." Christine also called it "a culture of corruption."
Military members protest sexual assaults: K5 News Washington

And other veterans are calling for reform in the ranks and within the military. It continues to be a military that tries to make reforms within the system while refusing to root out the real problem. The bold proposal by Kirsten Gillibrand to allow civilian authorities to intervene and a resource to victims has been seen as an attempt to strip power away from commanders.

D- Mich Senator Carl Levin
Senator Carl Levin, the Chairman of the Senate Armed Service Committee, stated in June 2013 : "I do not support removing the authority of Commanders to prosecute sexual assault cases and putting that decision in the hands of military lawyers outside the chain of command as the personnel sub-committee revision would do. I believe that in doing so would weaken our response to sexual assault and actually make it less likely that sexual assaults would be prosecuted. The provision in question would also unwisely remove the power of the commander to prosecute other kinds of serious crime including allegations ranging from homicide to barracks larceny. Removing prosecution decisions from the chain of command will likely weaken our response to sexual assault by taking the responsibility for prosecution away from military commanders who are actually more likely to prosecute, and instead transferring responsibility to military lawyers who are less likely to prosecute."  -Senator Carl Levin: Nixing Commanders Role Could. YouTube June 22, 2013
After sitting through weeks of testimony in 2012 and 2013, I was flabbergasted that many on this committee could not understand that Military commanders were not doing their jobs in preventing  sexual assault in the ranks, and that bringing in qualified lawyers would not mean less justice for victims. Instead Senator Levin proposed a solution that would keep commanders in control, and would move the needle closer towards the marker of zero tolerance for this crime. His proposal would require an automatic review of any decision not to prosecute a sexual assault. It would also make retaliation against a person who reports a sexual assault a federal crime. Both Carl Levin and Chuck Hagel are taking a gentle approach to an outrageous crime against military warriors, and are trying not to upset the military apple cart. They want to afford commanders the respect and dignity of keeping their power to command in the face of a growing crisis. A crisis which affect many servicemen struggling with the affects of this inhuman act.
To me Kirsten Gillibrand remains one of the true blue unvarnished voices for human rights in our Government. She has continued to take on her colleagues about rape.

K. Gillibrand "the victims voices are being heard in this debate not nearly enough." 
"The problem is very clear because the victims have told us what it is. --And I'm just distressed that the victims voices are being heard in this debate not nearly enough. The victims say it is the climate that they fear retaliation. Their commanders are not creating a climate where they feel they can report without being blamed--- being retaliated against--- being marginalized having their careers be over. That is the commanders responsibility. If they are creating a climate of fear and there's retaliation within their ranks they are not maintained in good order and discipline. The victims tell us they do not report because of chain of command. So I disagreed with the statement today and previously that the chain of command at the disposition phase the problem. It's not that their decisions wrong. It's that they are the decider and the victims have said 'I'm not reporting because it's within the chain of command." 
Gillibrand Makes the Case for Military Justice Improvement Act YouTube June 12, 2013
Nichole Bowen Survivor And Advocate
As Kirsten Gillibrand continues to move forward with the fight to get the Military Justice Improvement Act bill voted into law, many men and women like Nichole Bowen (veteran and advocate) with their boots on the ground about this issue continues to speak out from Seattle to Washington DC. Nichole was about 20 years old when she responded to join the Army after the 9-11 attack. Going into Iraq she remembers her initial fear was that of enemy attacks from Iraqi soldiers. Eventually her fears became real, but they were from her band of brothers. Nichole in several interviews said the atmosphere was full of sexual harassment on a daily basis. She was being propositioned by fellow troops to have casual sex. The climate continued to grow. And one night while she was on duty her Sergeant sexually assaulted her. Like many other rape victims Nichole chose to remain silent initially.
Bowen In Iraq
 "I didn't think anything would be done. I also think that if I had someone outside my Chain of Command to report it to--- I would have reported it and if I'd known I would have had an advocated and I would have been kept safe and there wouldn't have been any kind of retaliation--- but that system's still not in place, and that's what the bill (MJIA) originally addressed. In taking the control from the commander that actually would be this the soldier service member supervisor who right now pretty much controls what happens to the victim and to the perpetrator. It's a system that hasn't changed for like 250 years and it doesn't make sense to not change things that aren't working." 
Lady Warrior Project Senate blocks Military Sex Assault bill. YouTube April 13th 2014
 For right now advocates like Nichole are trying to make changes in the culture by connecting with women to make them aware of how the military institution deals with sexual assault through a project called the "Lady Warrior Project." Women are sharing their stories with others in hopes to make a difference, and maybe keep the conversation going. To this blogger, this is needed. We have loud voices of accusation, ridicule, and even ignorance trolling YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, claiming the rape culture is more like "Rape hysteria." (It's unbelievable that apologists and shamers would put those words together.) These trolls take on this issue like it's a video game, where they try to score points by knocking out comments being made by advocates, victims or concerned individuals. There are great videos out there on the subject from people like Chesca Leigh, Laci Green, and others. But avoid scrolling down to comment sections, or feeding the trolls. (Lesson learned)

Help Me If you Can I'm Feeling Down 

Sam Bennett
Men and women don't report rape and sexual assault because of the "shame factor." Sam Bennett CEO of the Women's Campaign fund  says " but having been a rape victim myself--- having been through the the horror that experience the truth of the matter is sexual assault against women is a vastly under-reported pandemic problem for women in this country and a small number of men for spec sexual assault overwhelmingly happens to women and unfortunately, what happens is once you've been assaulted, the first emotion is not anger; the first emotion actually shame and that's why so many sexual assault incidents go unreported."  
Should special prosecutors handle military sexual assaults? YouTube June 13, 2013
And yet men like Chuck Hagel continue to use a gentleman's approach in dealing with this heinous crime that destroys lives. The fear factor among many politicians is that the MJIA bill goes too far in solving this problem, and that we need to be careful in finding a solution.

And We Do Appreciate You Being 'Round

Of the many servicemen and women surveyed in the report in 2012, 53% of the victims were male. Only 2% of that number reported the abuse or assault for fear of retaliation ridicule or further acts of violence on them. This is an extremely low under-reporting. Some victims were told "you are the problem." Eventually many were discharged, suffering in silence of their abuse. Some like Brian Lewis, Michael Matthews, and Jeremiah Arbogast, are also fighting back.

L-R Male Survivors turned Advocates: Brian Lewis US Navy,
Michael Matthews USAF, and Jeremiah Arbogast US Marine Corp
Their stories are in a previous issue (The Sounds of Silence) These men step out of the shadows of shame to confront the enemy of sexual assault and rape. It was robbing them of their confidence as men, their relationships and marriages, and even the will to go on. Michael Matthews a rape survivor was afraid to share his grim story with his wife Geri Lynn, fearing it would be the death knell for their marriage. Instead she became his most fierce advocate and a partner in revealing the silent trauma that men endure. They have produced the documentary "Justice Denied." It's a story that is important because as Brian Lewis has mentioned, "our society doesn't want to accept the fact that men can be raped." These men, and many with their experiences, are turning their fear into a fight for justice. But sadly the stigma of shame and humiliation will haunt our soldiers and veterans unless the voices in Washington DC, and even locally begin to hear the survivors.

Sexual assault and rape in the military is older than Tailhook. It just took the courage of women like Paula Coughlin who refuse to go away to shed light on it. The brazenness of this crime seems to have elevated within the institution of the military, with harassment making the headlines, to all out sex rings on bases like Aberdeen, and even leaders within the chain of command. It makes you wonder with the numbers of sexual assaults being reported if anything is really being accomplished in Congress or the Pentagon. They continue trying programs, activities, and training seminars. They've done it all except for one thing; aggressively prosecute and convict those who commit these acts.
"I think that prosecuting rapists in the military is pretty vital in eradicating rapists in the
Ret. Lt. Paula Coughlin US Navy
military. And I know that almost sounds remedial, but it's what's not happening. Someone who commits a criminal offense in the military like driving drunk or doing drugs, or stealing hand grenades, boom! they go to jail--- get kicked out real quickly, but if you rape a woman or assault a man--- you're okay." 
-The Legacy Of Tailhook: YouTube September 3, 2014

And now as this year is 2/3 completed we have a stymied bill from a Congresswoman that no one wants to touch; that people like Levin and Hagel believe will cause more harm than good. There seems to be no indicators of any real help coming from our government on this issue. And survivors continue to carry the weight of this crime around, not allowing us to forget.
Emma Sulkowicz, a Columbia University art student, has vowed to carry a
dorm-sized mattress everywhere until her alleged rapist is expelled

With all the injustice going on with major issues like sexual assaults, and violence against men women and children, we help best when we're aware and keep each other informed. Thanks for reading.

NBC K5 News Military members protest sexual assaults 
YouTube- Should special prosecutors handle military sexual assaults?
YouTube- Senator Carl Levin Nixing Commanders Role could...
YouTube- Gillibrand Make Case For MJIA
CNN- Lady Warrior Project Senate blocks Military Sex Assault Bill

Thank You 
All for your encouragement, and for getting me back into the game.
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The Point

The Pointless Oblio makes a point "Everyone's got 'em"

This is the town, and these are the people                    

This is the town where the people all stay

This is town and these are the people

That's the way they wanted it

That's the way its going to stay

Creative music maverick, Harry Nilsson wrote and composed this album CD which eventually became a London musical, and an ABC prime time animated movie. In this simple but pointed story in the land of "Point" a round-headed colorless but cheerful child, Oblio is born. He and his dog Arrow get the best of the evil Count's son in a child's game. Out of revenge, the Count puts Oblio on trial for being different, and banishes him to the Pointless Forrest for having no point. (A crime in the land.) This is a cute child's story set to music by Nilsson illustrating that societies work hard at keeping the status quo, and when something or someone comes along who appears different, they become a threat which must be dealt with. In the musical, and movie we see that the loud point of view by the Count, and his bully son is heeded, and the townspeople just stand by and allow this little boy and his dog Arrow (who was accused of sedition and being a traitor) to be banished. The Point- 1971- YouTube

Can You Hear Me?

Jennifer Hlad a reporter for Stars and Stripes, published a story on the Response Systems to Adult Sexual Assault Crimes Panel which was charged to review the proposed bill written by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. (D-NY) The committee appointed by Chuck Hagel, found that the Military Justice Improvement Act would not reduce the number in sexual assaults, nor would it help to increase reporting of sexual assaults.

"The panel “heard testimony from a number of victims” indicating that it is “often subordinate leaders who perpetrated the sexual assault itself, ignored it when it was reported, or engaged in retaliation towards the victim afterwards,” according to the panel’s report to Congress; however, seven of the nine panel members agreed that removing prosecution authority from the chain of command would not reduce the number of sexual assaults, increase reporting of crimes or improve the quality of investigations and prosecutions, according to the report."
This panel heard testimony from victims of sexual assault who gave testimony that their leaders were either in the direct chain of command either ignored their reports or were involved in either the assaults, threats and retaliation against them. Now while I cannot get into the head of each person on the panel itself, one glaring thing to point out is that this panel was put together by
 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who opposes the Military Justice Improvement Act. Both he and members of Congress have cited the Gillibrand bill as being radial overkill to something that could be resolved some other way. So in other words, there was no doubt this panel was there to show they had given careful consideration to whether the MJIA could be a solution to the Rape in the Military dilemma crisis. So many Veterans still carry the deep scars inflicted on this American institution. And some have been compelled to go to Washington on at least 2 occasions and have their stories told before this panel.

Are You Sleeping? 

Warning: Story May Contain Trigger Words
Ginny Lee from Little Rock, Arkansas, whom I've had the privilege to speak to about this problem shares her story with the panel.
"I knew when I was a little girl taking care of my mom just after she had
Survivor Ginny Lee Testifies before panel
broken her back, that I wanted to be a registered nurse. I spent my school career going towards that goal being a registered nurse. In my senior year in high school, our country was attacked over seas. Libya bombed a popular GI bar hangout in Frankfurt Germany--- President Reagan responded swiftly, and with the least amount of casualties possible, and taught me that I wanted to be a soldier too--- so that I could combine 2 dreams into 1. I could enlist--- become a nurse--- an officer, and make a career out of it. Those dreams started to be swiftly taken away from me. My second week in basic training, I had become sick from all the immunizations, and my drill sergeant, who was often under the influence of alcohol (more that he was sober), said that I had to be isolated because my fellow recruits said that I was keeping them awake with my coughing. In the middle of the night I could feel a hand touch my head as if feeling for fever." 
Ginny Lee- Military Sexual Assault Crimes Response Panel. January 30, 2014
In Ginny's sleepy state she felt as though it was her dad, until that hand moved to other parts of her body. And of course when she realized what was going on, Ginny struggled  against her assailant. Her drill sergeant responded with a forearm pressure to Ginny's chest, neck and throat, cutting off her ability to cry out for help.

"He told me if I quit fighting, I wouldn't be hurt. I kept fighting for awhile, and I realized he had far more strength than I did.--- When he was done--- he told me to go and clean up, and put on other clothes, and report back to my bunk. The next morning I had bruises on my neck--- on my arms--- on my chest--- on the inside of my legs, and my knees, ---but I remember his threat--- he told me if I dared to say anything, I would end up like the girl in the cycle before us. ---I would be dead.  
Ginny Lee- Military Sexual Assault Crimes Response Panel. January 30, 2014
For the next 7 weeks of basic training with those words ringing in this young recruit's mind, Ginny persevered through the physical trials that the other recruits did, with the exception of having a urinary tract infection, (which began the night of the rape) and the fear that the assault might be repeated. To make things worse the fear of being pregnant set in when she didn't have her period. (The later can be brought on by the physical endurance of basic training.) When she thought she might be requested, she went to sick call. The attendants treated her infection, and explained that physical excretion was no doubt the reason for her delayed ministerial cycle. You can imagine the relief she must have felt at least of that news. But undoubtedly her movements were being closely monitored by her drill sergeant/assailant.
"That night my drill sergeant--- drunk again, came after me and yank me from the bottom bunk by the collar of my bdu's. He threw me against the brick wall, destroying my shoulder. My female drill sergeant heard the noise--- ran upstairs--- saw me pinned against the wall--- and her only reaction was 'oh shit!' and walked back down the stairs. I was then summoned to her office and told that if I even dare speak of either incident--- that it would be my word against theirs--- and there would be more punishment to come. 
Ginny Lee- Military Sexual Assault Crimes Response Panel. January 30, 2014
The next day Ginny, not realizing the extent of her injuries from the attack the prior night tried to do
Private Ginny Lee 
her PT (physical training) regimen. But with the first push-up she was rendered incapacitated. With that she was taken to sick-call, with instructions from her drill sergeants, to say that her dislocated shoulder was due to her routine work-out. Obviously the attendants did not question the private's explanation, even when she had bruises on her hips from her rough treatment from her drill sergeant. No support was there for Ginny Lee even from her parents, who told her to 'act as if it didn't happen' and get through boot camp without saying a word to anyone. However Lee had a different resolve, and that was to tell someone. During her orthopedic exam she attempted to share with the doctor how she really received her injuries. Her words were not documented, but was referred to social works counseling. She was never allowed to go. She decided that her best recourse was to move forward with orders to Germany.
"When I got to Germany, no one knew what had happen to me.---Until one day I was working on the base post office by myself--- and I was looking out the window--- just day dreaming. A patron walked in, and all it took was five words, and I knew it was him. I picked up everything I could to throw at him. ---First thing was a tape dispenser, next thing was a stapler. The whole time I was screaming for anyone to come. Instead of being the happy-go-lucky person I was for the first year and a half in Germany--- I changed.---I cried at the drop of a dime--- or it could have been a look.--- My Ex-O (executive officer) finally got me to talk about it.---and I told her what happen. She of course did what she thought she needed to do, and that was to take it to the top First Sergeant, and her Captain." 
Ginny Lee- Military Sexual Assault Crimes Response Panel. January 30, 2014

Think About Your Troubles 

 And of course Ginny's career ended like all other servicemen and servicewomen's careers, when they decided to give her a medical discharged. In Ginny's case both collar bones had been dislocated from both sockets, thus making it impossible to run or exert herself in any fashion without her airway being crushed. With surgery being the only option to correct the problem, (removing a inch from her shoulder) she wasn't able to use her firing shoulder. So basically this young woman who wanted so desperately to fight for her country and have her dreams of nursing fulfilled was told that if she couldn't fire a weapon, she couldn't be a soldier. In one more desperate attempt to get someone to listen to her story, in filling out her medical separation forms, she requested a medical review hearing with at least one woman on the panel. But the military wheels of damaged control did not grind slowly in her case. Her discharge papers came within 30 days. The papers had been pencil whipped, signed sealed and delivered. The pencil whipped orders excluded her request to have a medical review board hear her case.
Oblio is Banished
"Mysteriously a telephonic (photo copied) form showed up in my files saying I agreed not to go and testify in front of  the medical review board. ---They just wanted me out. Everything about the military I loved--- going up drag ass hills didn't bother me at Fort Jackson, South Carolina--- running twelve miles didn't bother me--- the long nights, cold nights, wet nights--- none of that bothered me. Because when I came in I thought I was going to be part of a team--- a family--- with brothers and sisters in arms that would have my back--- and I would have theirs.--- and I believed that all the way through my chain of command.---" 
Ginny Lee- Military Sexual Assault Crimes Response Panel. January 30, 2014
"A Point In every direction is the same
as no point at all"
Just like Oblio who was ejected from the land and was banished, Ginny's attack seemed to make her a person without a point. She was turned out for being another sexual assault victim. Her Pointless Forest has been full of nightmares, elevating PTSD, and the loss of four marriages and an ongoing battle with the Veterans Administration for her benefits. Like many veteran survivors, she has been pointed in many directions for answers, but like the original pointless man reminds us, "A point in every direction, is the same as no point at all." Looking for answers everywhere but finding very little to no help, and surrounded by townsfolk's who can't understand or they are part of a broken system that has the same old answers that make you hurry up and wait.

Now to be fair, it was as obvious to Ginny and other advocates who came and spoke, some panel members were moved by the words and stories each survivor told on both occasions in January and May of this year. But it was not enough to make a significant difference. In their report on examining the problem, they ruled out the Military Justice Improvement Act as away to counter the epidemic of sexual assaults of both men and women in the military.
Adult Sexual Assault Crimes Panel 2014
Congress should not remove court-martial convening authority from the chain of command, a nine-member panel appointed to study how the military investigates, prosecutes and punishes sexual assault crimes said in its report.
Sadly tradition sprinkled with some new ideas and suggestions were the order of the panel. Some suggestions were sound ones, while other seemed like they were leading to more investigations and research into the issue of the problem, and not attacking the issue of dealing with perpetrators, or issuing tough sentences for these crimes. Even in the face of powerful statements from advocates like Ginny who stated :
 "Commander's don't know the protocols. They don't know how to take pictures--- to see tears in the cervix--- or to comb for evidence, or to look under fingernails for scrapings that can prove a case. Commanders are trained to get US troops ready to go to war, not to go to court."
Ret. Attorney Harvey Bryant 
Professor Elizabeth L. Hillman, 
It was a 9-7 decision on this pointless panel with two descending votes. Harvey Bryant  retired Virginia Beach, VA, Commonwealth’s Attorney, and Professor Elizabeth L. Hillman, Hastings College of the Law Provost and Academic Dean, dissented. Hillman wrote "I believe we should vest discretionary authority to prosecute rape and sexual assault in the same people on whom federal, state, and many respected military criminal justice systems rely: trained, experienced prosecutors."

Ginny also said "we had one more vote for "us" in May than we did when we started. So I believe we're making a difference." While that can't be denied, those who fail to prosecute alleged perps, give men and women better access to judicial advocates, makes as much sense as buying new deck furniture for a sinking ship. It's just not effective.

And why not implement the MJIA? We've tried everything else. It won't take commanders from
responsibility. So what are we afraid of?
It's been seven months now since the MJIA was blocked for a vote. The reports have rise by 50 per cent. And we've developed Sexual Assault Key Chains, and Battle Buddy Apps for your iPhones. The McCaskill Bill (that was considered to be better than MJIA) still is in limbo. And so where are we really?
The "feel-good story" of the Point simply shows that those who try to bar others from contributing to our society, while telling them they have no point, are really the pointless ones. They develop causes and cases, and do research, while the solution is a clear one. Don't Rape. And That is the real point.

Stars And Stripes- Sexual assault panel: Keep prosecutions in chain of command

Special Thanks 
Ginny Lee- Thanks for sharing my friend. Love your advocacy for both men and women
Rosie Pafly and Vera Santa Clara for your relentless reporting and research

Friday, June 27, 2014

Crazy Train

Crazy, but that's how it goes
Crazy Train of Opinions on Rape

Okay so if some of your parents yelled at you about the audio level of music being played, you might remember, "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Ozbourne. He artistically gives a shout out to the lunacy in our society of things that get in the way of our understanding serious subjects. We seem to like our news "light" entertaining, and yes, I dare say sprinkled with our own political preferences. The last 2 years has to go on record for the Craziest trainload of runaway opinions on sexual assault that I've ever heard.  The foot-in-mouth comments have been made by everyday Joe Blows as well as some of the most educated people, who should know better.

I've Listened To Preachers

Crazy Train talk usually comes from out "of touch people" who know little to nothing on any given subject, but they're dying for an audience. This includes the religious leadership, that feels they must give a religious answer to a straight forward problem.
Jim Berg: "Sin is the cause
for your rape.
Katie Landry who attended Bob Jones University, raised as a conservative Mennonite. Her upbringing was so strict, she had never held hands with boy. Katie was raped several times by her supervisor at a summer job. It took her several years to tell her story to anyone, obviously, because of the horrific nightmare she lived. While attending the elite religious university, she confided in the Dean of Students, Jim Berg. Berg was considered to be a prominent author and counselor on Christian growth.

According to Landry, Berg asked whether she’d been drinking or smoking pot and if she had been “impure.” He then brought up her “root sin.”“He goes, ‘Well, there’s always a sin under other sin. There’s a root sin,’” Landry explained. “And he said, ‘We have to find the sin in your life that caused your rape.’ And I just ran."
“He just confirmed my worst nightmare,” she added. “It was something I had done. It was something about me. It was my fault.”Landry eventually withdrew from the school and didn’t tell anyone else for five more years. Raw Story By Tom Boggioni Wednesday, June 18, 2014
I must have missed that Sunday School lesson where "root sin" causes rape. Apparently it is easier to ridicule victims of a crime rather than to bring justice to perpetrators because in Jim Berg's head, God punishes a woman with rape because she is a sinful person. That attitude is ridiculous and is unfounded by biblical principals and just plain old common sense. Later in this same story we learn that another Bob Jones University student who was sexually assaulted off campus, was expelled because she complained too much. So there you are: Apparently the way to solve the problem is by getting rid of the victim.

George Will
To date the most noted bad rape remarks, come from noted Pulitzer Prize winning writer, columnist and Fox News contributor George Will. You might call him "the pontiff of conservative politics."
"Colleges and universities are being educated by Washington and are finding the experience excruciating.
They are learning that when they say campus victimization's are ubiquitous ("micro-aggression's," often not discernible to the untutored eye, are everywhere), and that when they make victim-hood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate.
June 7, 2014 George Will New York Post
Do I have tell you what the backlash was from Mr. Will's remarks?  He earned a not-so-coveted status of two hash tags. "Survivor privilege and Fire George Will." on Twitter. One newspaper complied with the last hash tag, and dumped good old George.
Will’s column is syndicated in newspapers across the country by the Washington Post, which bills him as “the most influential writer in America.” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which has published Will’s column for a number of years, has had enough. In a message today to readers, the paper announced they were dropping Will from their paper and apologized for running his column on sexual assault: -Think Progress June 18, 2014
What makes remarks like these from Mr. Will and others so dangerous is that, beyond the outrage of the statement, is that it is influential. Many people who are looking for a reason to validate their already hateful attitude on this subject will now have a so-called voice of reason on the dismissal on sexual assault.

I've Listened To Fools

James Tranato Women who get raped should be held responsible
It's been said: "It's one thing for people to think you're a fool. It's another to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
James Taranto should be awarded the "Bad Boy Misogynistic" Award for stupid talk.  "I categorically reject the class by the label misogynist. I'm actually quite fond of women. You can call me Tyrannosaurus Sex." A remark about his own sexual prowess that should just set the laptops of the SNL writers on fire. Sadly he continues to double down on his misogyny by accusing women who get raped after consuming alcohol as guilty as their rapist,
every "Mad Men" thinker would deem as being a hero. Taranto accuses feminists as a group, whose purpose would be to emasculate men, tying them down to children, and making all men the iconic poster figure of rape while dismissing any woman of responsibility. Taranto says:
"When it comes to rape on college campuses both parties should take the blame.--- if two drunk drivers are in a collision one doesn't determine fault on the basis of demographic details such as each driver's sex--- but when two drunken college students collide, the male one is almost always presumed to be at fault, his diminished capacity owing to alcohol is not a mitigating factor but her diminished capacity is an aggravating factor for him---  in theory that means--- that if both parties are intoxicated during sex they're both technically guilty of sexually assaulting each other; in practice it means that women but not men are absolved responsibility by virtue having consumed alcohol."
Who says stupid people can't get employment? But actually Mr. Taranto is smart as a fox. He knows that as long as crazy talk becomes "ka-ching" for the WSJ; they could care less if he blames fires on the house instead of the arsonist with the lit match.

The Media Sells It

Taking a trip in Mr. Peabody's Way-Back Machine, we go back to the year 2012, where Liz Trotta; Fox News correspondent weighs in with her brand of Crazy Train analysis says:
Liz Trotta
"I think they've actually discovered there's a difference between men and women. ---And the sexual abuse report says that there's been since 2006 a 64 percent increase in violent sexual assaults. Now what did they expect? These people are in close contact--- the whole airing on this issue has never been done by congress--- its strictly been a question of pressure from the feminists. ---And the feminists have also directed them really, to spend a lot of money. They have sexual counselors all over the place, victims advocates, sexual response coordinators---so you have this whole bureaucracy upon bureaucracy being built up with all kinds of levels of people to support women in the military who were now being raped too much---" - Liz Trotta Guest on Media Matters For America
Ms. Trotta puts a spotlight on a very big problem with her feminist boondoggle accusations. She says "We have feminist going into the military, wanting to be warriors, and victims at the same time." Sexual assault and rape is not some made up conspiracy that feminist have thrown themselves into. But when some of these people look at it through the filter of politics, the dot connections are pretty silly and sad. To accuse women and men of joining the armed forced in order to make it a feminist empowered institution is crazy talk. In fact, many sexual assault victims do not talk about the personal living hell for years. These men for all their achievements, awards, and acclaims in other areas, fail at addressing this issue big time. It would have been more honest for them to say "I don't know." or "this really isn't my area of expertise."

I'm Goin' Off The Rails

Jon Stewart
Samantha Bee
Sometimes all you can do to combat Crazy Train talk is with a little crazy of your own. Jon Stewart host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central pushed back on Liz with his are you freaking kidding me? reaction. Seizing on her obvious gaffe of "women being raped too much" he remarked: that the Fox News commentator  "---Are you not horror-tained? Think about all the money that we've got to spend to help women who have been raped too much! Think about how much easier it would be if they were raped just the right amount..." 

His tongue-in cheek satire continued with Samatha Bee, Comedienne acting the part of an rape apologist. "Well Jon, I know you're expecting an apology and you'll get it. --- For all of this. (gesturing around her body.)  Samantha's character has resolved to feel empowered and proud, because after all women can't help what they are. And so she proudly declares,"You can rape it, or protect it, but you can't ignore it."  Sometimes you can only fight stupid with humor. And without any shame, I admit, I love The Daily Show. Their humor plus (in my opinion) their adequate fact checking is a great combo for me.

Somedays I wonder how much I can stand of this ridiculous talk from people who should know better. Some of them are well educated people, who seem to lack a degree in honest truth telling. And yet they say the most outrageous things. But as someone once told me--- "Sometimes you might as well laugh about it, than cry." 

And yet sadly jaw-dropping remarks these catch media attention.

R-AR Todd Akin
"Sometimes if it is a Legitimate rape, the female body has a way of shutting the who thing down."-Todd Akin (R-AR) 
Or “If a woman has (the right to an abortion), why shouldn't a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman? At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn't (in most cases) result in anyone’s death.”Republican Maine state Representative Lawrence Lockman
The Crazy Train has a load of passengers spouting off the wackiest stuff. Sadly our media continues to field their comments. I suppose the best thing for any of us to do is to know they're around, but as my Twitter friend, Catherine @Deja once said: "---try not to let them rent space in your head."

Eviction Notice on the Daiquiri Factory Doors
Happily Some stupid stuff does come to an end. Remember the Daiquiri Factory in Spokane Washington? The created a stir by their creation of "Date Grape Kool-aid." This moniker for a drink set the MST and sexual survivors aback with it's obvious insensitivity to victims of rape. The Daiquiri Factory boasted the sale of their mocking concoction would become popular, and a boom for their business. But now it's seems they are out of business. Apparently, Jamie Pendleton owed about $22,000 in rent, plus failure to another $30,000 eviction bond. I guess his drink didn't sell enough to keep his doors open. In the words of Humphrey Bogart "Here's looking at you kid! Cheers!"

Thanks for reading and sharing with others. It's important to stay connected and informed.

TheRawStory.Com -Bob Jones University and Root Sin
MediaMatters.Org- Liz Trotta
Washington Post- George Will
YouTube- Liz Trotta and James Taranto
Comedy Central- Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee
Inlander.Com- Daiquiri Factory Eviction

Special Thanks To
Geee Beee: Thanks Gayle on Daiquiri Factory Update
Catherine (Deja) on Twitter Thanks buddy for sharing George Will story
And Vera Santa Clara Rosie Palfy and Barbara Jackson 
For wading the alligator swamps with me on these issues.

Linor Abargil Brave Miss World

She was sexually assaulted weeks before receiving the crown of Miss World. Watch how she turns her tragedy into a triumph, spreading a message to victims all over the world. "Brave Miss World" can be seen online on Netflix streaming with Cameo appearances by Joan Collins and Fran Drescher